Fraidy Cat

Fraidy Cat

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A sweet wine with the perfect hint of acidity to create a full tasting experience. This Vignoles is brimming with tropical notes of pineapple and mango with a zesty citrus finish. Try it with your favorite sweet treats or balance out a spicy dish. We prefer it with a little orange sherbert as a float!

"Whenever there is danger my heart begins to beat fast." -Lion
- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Wine Specs
Vignoles & Seyval
Alcohol %

Product Reviews

Tiffany Pauley's Gravatar
Tiffany Pauley
(Mar 1, 2017 at 6:10 PM)
This is my favorite Oz wine! It's a perfectly citrusy wine without being overly sweet. If you like Moscato, this is a must have! I always make sure to have this one on hand.

Debora Hamerly's Gravatar
Debora Hamerly
(Apr 4, 2017 at 5:38 PM)
This is one of my favorites. Always have to stock up when we go through Wamego.

Sandra Stewart's Gravatar
Sandra Stewart
(Apr 5, 2017 at 2:43 PM)
This is super delicious and not syrupy sweet. It is a perfect refreshing wine for hot days:)

Jeni Gates's Gravatar
Jeni Gates
(Nov 7, 2018 at 6:24 PM)
The Fraidy Cat wine is smooth and delicious! Definitely worth trying.

Christopher's Gravatar
(Aug 20, 2019 at 11:51 PM)
Our Favorite wine of all time. I hope it will be back in stock soon I need a case!

Lynette Glotzbach's Gravatar
Lynette Glotzbach
(Apr 30, 2020 at 10:58 AM)
I don’t enjoy really sweet wines but this wines’ blend is just right.

Charlee's Gravatar
(May 9, 2020 at 7:54 PM)
This wine had a nice, overall, sweet, flavor with a slight citrus undertone. It paired perfectly with the chicken, sweet potatoes and Brussel Sprouts I made!! I will be ordering again!!

Shelly's Gravatar
(Aug 7, 2020 at 4:11 PM)
One of my favorite Oz wines! Refreshing and not too sweet

Christy Feldman's Gravatar
Christy Feldman
(Dec 27, 2020 at 6:43 PM)
Opened this bottle at Christmas- soooo good!!! Sweet and smooth. Can’t wait to visit again for another bottle!!

Rita's Gravatar
(Apr 9, 2022 at 7:46 PM)
We loved it!

Deanna Forsyth's Gravatar
Deanna Forsyth
(Apr 12, 2022 at 1:38 PM)
I am not a sweet wine drinker so I was a little nervous when I discovered this wine was sent to me. But chilled and with a salad, you are overwhelmed by the sweetness. It’s not my favorite but it was enjoyable.

Darcy Assemany's Gravatar
Darcy Assemany
(Oct 28, 2022 at 6:35 AM)
This was a gift and the recipient loved it!

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